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Dr. Erwin L Roggen holds a degree in Biochemistry (1984, UAntwerpen). As postdoctoral fellow I acquired expertise in protein chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, and cell biology (1984-1996). As Science Manager at Novozymes (1996-2015), I coordinated the development and implementation of NAMs for early decision-making and risk assessment. I coordinated the FP6 Sens-it-iv (2005-2011), and was WP leader and board member of the FP6 carcinoGENOMICS (2006-2012) and the FP6 impARAS (2014-2018).

He started 3Rs Management and Consulting ApS (2009), a non-profit initiative promoting implementation and application of promising mechanism-based NAMs by industry and regulatory authorities.I contributed to the AOPs for skin and respiratory sensitization and initiated an AOP for food sensitization. I am the co-founder of SenzaGen AB (2011), which converts Sens-it-iv results into cell-based solutions to identify sensitizers, including proteins, based on key events of AOPs for skin and lung sensitization. I started ToxGenSolutions BV (2015) providing industry with human relevant peripheral biomarker-based tools for preventive medicine covering key processes leading to neurodegeneration, immunosuppression and carcinogenesis that are affected by environmental and systemic risk factors. The current focus is the development of a peripheral biomarker profile for diagnosis of prodromal late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease based on key events of a tau-driven AOP leading to memory loss (AOP429).

I am or have been active in several national (e.g., Danish 3Rs Center, RE-PLACE Vlaanderen and Brussels Commission for Animal Experimentation), European (e.g., ecopa, EPAA, ESAC, IVTIP) and global (e.g., WHO, OECD) organizations. I have been involved in the discussions leading to the AOP for skin sensitization and aim still part of the group developing an AOP for lung sensitization.

Erwin L Roggen
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